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Romantic Ways To Give A Promise Ring

Promise rings are a sweet as they sound. They represent a young couple’s commitment to each other; whether it be a commitment to remain chaste or simply to remain exclusive. These are like engagement rings in training. When presenting such a beautiful sentiment, you want to make sure you do it correctly. Here are some uber romantic ways to present a promise ring to your lucky lady.

  • The Rose Bud: Red roses are the classic symbol of romance. So, for a little twist on the tradition, surprise your lady with a promise ring hidden inside an unopened bud.
  • The Chocolate Box: Buy a delux box of heart shaped chocolates, remove one of the chocolates and stick the ring in there for a delish surprise!
  • The Dessert Tray: In advance, make reservations with a fancy place and have the waiter top one of the desserts with your ring, so your girl gets an unexpected treat when the dessert tray arrives.
  • The Poetry Book: Buy a book of love poems. Leave the pages in the first third of the book intact. Use a utility knife to carve out a small square into the other pages to create a cavity for the ring. Read the book together. Enjoy the look of shock on her face.

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